Lewis Ashley

Concept Artist, Gamer, Tea Drinker


 I've been studying games art and design for the last 5 years, just graduated from university with a 1st, and excited to use my skills to build a career in the games industry as a concept artist, meeting new and exciting people to share skills, have fun, and create some great games together.


In school, I always wanted to draw cool characters and monsters that I would imagine playing/fighting in a video game, and after learning about their creation in college and university, I have been hooked, and am ever in the pursuit of learning more about the skills and practices of creating video games, whether drawing concept art, 3D modeling, recording sounds, or using an engine,  I’m an addict who cannot get enough, and am currently creating my own indie game in my spare time.








•Cover Art

•User Interface and gameplay scamps




3D modelling:        

•Edge modelling

•Box modelling   

•UV unwrapping   

•Hard surface modelling 

•Prop modelling

•Character modelling 

•Digital sculpting 


•PBR workflow 

•High to Low poly baking 

Game Engine:

•Environment artist  



•Script Writing  

•Creative writing     


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