Chaos Trail

Focusing on story and Immersion, I designed a car game where the player would have to race across an apocalyptic wasteland from settlement to settlement delivering the only currency that matters now, data.  

What I did:

  • 2D concepts

  • Script Dialogue 

  • Story

  • Storyboards

  • Gameplay and UI Scamps

  • Functional Prototype

Prototype Available on

Horror at Harold Hall

A game I made in my first year of uni, semester 2. We had to make a simple game using flash, my idea was a point and click game (sort of) with a simple story which the player would go around a manor killing monsters and reading notes to uncover the sinister story of the place.

Ketsueki Bridge

Short FPS focused on showcasing my environment art skills, immersive diegetic FPS hud, and atmospheric environment.